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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
Few Questions: (sorry haha)

Are all 2nd Stage Bands doing signing? And if so, are they free?

When was Cannibal Corpse's signing?

How badass is the comic? hehe

That's all man, thanks for the post!!!!
A. As far as I know, yes. They are free, but for KSE and CC (maybe others, don't know) if you buy their CD (for Cannibal the comic/CD) you get wristbands, and get priority. They hurry you along though, so no time for photos.
Actually, my friend and I were first in line, and before the signing started he asked Pat if he could get a picture, Pat said yes. For the picture my friend touched his nose. Yeah, it was weird to experience.

B. 3:00 for us.

C. It's kinda cool. I mean the novelty value is worth more than anything. It's not bad by any means, but I kinda expected more from the art with Vincent Locke doing it. The first 5 pages are porn, the rest is guys killing chicks in various ways.
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