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Rocklahoma -- Pryor, OK -- July 9th, 2009

Gotta say I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this festival, especially considering it is a "hair metal" festival that just so happened to add a heavy metal day. First off this was probably the best run festival that I have ever been to. It was easy to find, parking was only $5 and b/c it was a camp ground environment we were free to walk in and out w/o any hassle.

Got there in time to see the last performance of Metal Church. Not sure of their set at all. I've only heard of Metal Church but didn't know any of their songs. Still kind of nice that their last show was @ Rocklahoma. The one thing that I found odd was the very last song that they are ever going to do as a band they decided to do "Highway Star" from Deep Purple. Not that I'm complaining b/c they did a really good job but I just figured they would play an original song instead of a cover song but still I'm not complaing at all.

Next up was Anvil who I was definitley excited about seeing. I am one of the majority that really didn't know much about them until the documentary. I was very impressed w/ what I saw. A funny moment happened when right as Anvil got out on stage "Lips" was walking off of the platform off the stage and when he went to walk back up to the stage he totally bit it and fell and hopped right back up and after the first song he was laughing about it and said that the first step is a lulu. He also made the comment that this was the first time that Anvil has ever played any type of festival in the US which I definitley thought was very cool.

Definitley the highlight of the day had to be about halfway through Anvil's set, someone from the venue was going around telling people that Overkill was doing a meet and greet soon. Well that took me about 10 seconds to make that decision. Sadly there was only like 20 people in line. I was hoping this wasn't going to be a Spinal Tap moment which luckily it filled up a little bit after I went through. I'm pissed I didn't bring a camera but I got some pictures taken on my phone and they turned out really good. Here are the pics for those interested:

Finally time for Overkill and holy shit did they not dissapoint. Bobby was all over the place. Since this is my first Overkill experience does Bobby normally always leave the stage while he isn't singing? They kept going on how hot it was so I don't know if that is part of the reason why he kept leaving the stage. It wasn't really a big deal I was really just curious. Still not very sure on Overkill songs I will put the few that I know and hopefully I can find the setlist on a message board somewhere to post. None of these are in order:

Rotten To The Core
Hello From The Gutter
Wrecking Crew
Fuck You -- Overkill (Motorhead) -- Fuck You

Still from the little I was familiar w/ they were absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to be able to see them to a full headlining show.

Time now for Saxon. Now for the very little I knew from Overkill I knew absolutely nothing about Saxon but I was more than surprised at how much I really enjoyed them. On a side note I'm wondering how much $$$ they got offered b/c they said that they were flying back to London tomorrow. I really didn't think they would be as heavy as they were. I'm not the biggest NWOBHM fan but for the most part I really enjoyed their set. Hopefully next time I go to a festival I will know more bands playing that way the bands I don't know I can try to get familiar w/ them a little better. Living in the part of the country I do I would be surprised to see Saxon in this area again.

I might catch a little bit of shit for this one but out of the 3 different side stages the only band that I had even heard of was '01 Ozzfest alumni Beautiful Creatures who I really did enjoy and still do to this day. It worked out very well that they went on literally 10 mins after Saxon. All of the side stages were actually under tents and when Beautiful Creatures came out they had literally 5x the crowd of any other side stage band. I was completely blown away. Normally the type of music that they do normally doesn't appeal to me but for some reason it just does. I'm not sure about their album they put out a few years ago but their S/T they put out in '01 I thought had alot of very strong songs and it was great being able to finally hear them. Whole lot of energy and attitude and crowd totally ate them up.

For the Rocklahoma crowd atleast at first the crowd seemed a bit dead which is dissapointing but they eventually woke up a little bit more. Considering the festival I really wasn't expecting them to go too far back into their earlier stuff and they really didn't but I was still pretty satisfied w/ the set. Especially considering the only other time I saw them was w/ their "Among The Living" lineup. It was nice getting to hear Bush-era songs.

I was pretty satisfied w/ Dan Nelson. I really didn't know what to think coming in. From the little bit I heard I was under the impression that his vocal range would be more of a growling/screaming style which I was wrong about. Obviously he doesn't have the Joey Belladonna or Bush range but he definitley doesn't embarass himself either. The rest of the band was very tight as they normally are. I mean honestly I could carry on about them not playing this song or that but I really wasn't expecting a whole lot. Maybe take away an Among The Living song and throw in something from Spreading The Disease. I would have loved to have heard Nelson try to tackle "Medusa" but maybe someday. The one new song that was played was pretty impressive, definitley Anthrax-sounding. I was embarassed for myself b/c when they threw in Rosie at the end of the set I was killing myself trying to figure out the song and then it finally hit me. It was nice for them to throw in something like that completely out of right field and they nailed it perfectly. Can't wait for Worship Music and a US Tour not supporting Slipknot.

Got The Time
Fight 'Em Till You Can't
Caught In A Mosh
Safe Home
Room For One More
What Doesn't Die
I Am The Law
Happy Birthday For Frank Bello
Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC)

Final Standings
Belladonna-Era: 6
Bush-Era: 4
Nelson-Era: 1
Bon Scott-Era: 1
Turbin-Era: 0

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