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Originally Posted by LoveInSlowMotion View Post
Ozzfest '07 they rotated Demigod/Slaves Shall Serve/ Christians to the lions/Slaying the Prophets ov Isa/ Christgrinding Avenue/ Antichristian Phenomenon/ Decade of Therion

The only songs that they played every show were ESCHATON 2000, As Above So Below, Conquer All, and Prometherion.

Since they have a similar set time now, I expect they will probably do the same, but cut out Prophets ov Isa, and Decade of Therion, and replace them with new music.
Wow, good for them then. I figured they had a pretty set in stone set.
Although when I saw them they played Slaves Shall Serve, Isa, Christgrinding Ave, and Christions to the Lions, so I dont think think all of those were mutually exclusive.
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