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Am I the only one that heard "Best Years" as the opening song for Whitesnake? I mean, really.....I know I heard it because I hadn't lost my hearing for the night at that point, being the first song and all. Other than that the setlist is spot on.

And Halford's voice was "smooth" on Freewheel Burning? Hmm, guess I must have been deaf by that point because it sounded more like a scream than smooth singing to me. Not that it's a rip on him, after all that's a VERY tough song to pull off and he did do a decent job considering his age, but smooth isn't the adjective I would've used.

As for Coverdale, I noticed quite a few times when he also seemed to be able to not quite get to the notes the way he used to be. I don't think he sounded "toooo perfect" at any point, I noticed quite a few small flaws and points where he had to resort to more of a scream instead of just singing up into the higher register like he used to be able to do. In the middle register he sounded great, but I don't buy that he was lipsyncing at any point.
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