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Behemoth -- Spokane, WA -- July 7th, 2009

Having gone to last years summer slaughter tour as well I can confidently say this one blows last years out of the water. Granted Kataklysm and Vader were as impressive as always in 2008, the over all quality of the bands was pretty poor. This year however I think I will post this as the fella who reviewed the other summer slaughter date did as well. After The Burial and Beneath The Massacre couldn't make it, and I however am happy for that as I don't care much for either of them. I can only offer the Behemoth set list however because I snagged it from a roadie after the show.

Blackguard: I had heard from various places on the internet that Blackguard had almost been stealing the show over all. I had been more familiar with them when they were under the name Profugus Mortis then as Blackguard but was still not very familiar with them. But needless to say they are definitely a top notch band, the mixing for the lead guitar could have been a little louder. But stage presence-wise the singer was all over it. And the drummer was one of the best drummers at the tour, and she was a girl

Decrepit Birth: I had been listening to Decrepit Birth for a while, and I thought they were going to be one of those "meh'' bands that weren't bad or weren't good live. Despite the fat guitarist having some technical issues during the first song the band were great. Bill(vocalist) is the craziest fuck I've ever seen on stage. At one point he leaped from the stage into the pit and the mosh pit became massive. It was definitely one of the most bad ass moments I've ever seen at a concert. They were also when we learned atb and btm weren't going to show up and the singer couldnt remember atb's band name so he said "At The Burial, or something like that I can't remember" at which point all the real metal heads erupted in laughter. They put on a very memorable show and apparently a lot of other people felt so as well since their merch was flying off the shelves.

Origin: Is the most intense band I've ever seen live, they have unrivaled talent and brutality. And if you're lucky like we were the fat singers ass crack will be showing the whole time. They were spot on and the bassist is perhaps the best I've ever seen. I also ran into the singer at the bar and was just getting as shit faced as possible. They were yet another quality act.

Born of Osiris: I went into the show not a fan of them and came out not being a fan. Even some of my friends I went to the show with who are into the metalcore scene weren't impressed, and that's saying something. But i guess the pit got a little action from those shitty charleston dancers.

Dying Fetus: They easily had the most crowd reaction out of any band there, the pit was easily the biggest of the night and Dying Fetus definitely delivered a spot on performance. They played a mix of pretty much every album, and threw in one or two new songs.

Winds of Plague: Probably my last favorite band going into the concert, something about that nu-metal look and attitude that these wiggercore bands bring to the stage just doesnt hit me. Apparently the dancers went nuts for them and my metalcore friends thought they were good, the mixing was well done but it definitely wasn't my cup of tea. Not to mention the singer sort of seems like a douche. Although I don't mind the keyboardists nice picture in the mirror that's been floating around the internet.

Darkest Hour: I used to be in love with these guys when I was a feeble minded 16 year old. They still aren't a bad ban, but I'm not crazy for them like I used to be. The drummed Ryan Parrish seemed to have some trouble at the beginning keeping tempo, but he figured it out after the first two songs and the rest of their show wasn't bad at all.

Ensiferum: I was pretty drunk when these guys came out, but I was definitely their to see them. I was pretty impressed, the volume of keyboards wasn't quite loud enough but they were a fairly good live band. They all wore kilts which I thought was pretty metal. However, not much of the crowd was really into them. But myself and the people who were there to see them went pretty nuts. A few posts below has an accurate account of the set list.

Suffocation: They dropped this date for Behemoth, kinda lame wish Winds of Gay or Shit of Osiris would have dropped instead. But still at least I got Behemoth out of the deal.

Necrophagist: I heard reports these guys are pretty boring live, which wasn't the truth last night. They were pretty entertaining, really quality musicianship. They played a new song(finally after like 5 years of waiting for word on a new album) which was pretty good. Also played Stabwound, and all the old favorites as well.

Behemoth: I can't begin to express the level of greatness these guys were. They weren't able to make the Canadian summer slaughter dates and you could tell they were pissed(which just made their music even better). Nergal has yet another new bad ass mask he wears at a certain point in the concert. He did the traditional bible ripping and threw it into the crowd where I swear people were killing to get a hold of it. Only drawback was that the crowd really died down and a lot of people left which is bullshit(granted I didn't want all the emo/Fred Durst look-a-likes there anyway. But the people who stayed for Behemoth went ape shit. The set list is as follows:

1. Slaves Shall Serve
2. At The Left Hand Ov God
3. Prometherion
4. Antichristian Phenomenon
5. Demigod
6. From The Pagan Vastlands(which was probably one of the best songs of the night)
7. Conquer All
8. Christgrinding Avenue
9. Ov Fire And The Void(The second time they'd ever played it live so I also have the lyrics sheet which was taped to the side of the set list as well)
10. Decade Ov Therion
11. As Above So Below
12. Chant For Ezkaton 2000(Best song of the night easy)
Encore: I Got Erection by Turbonegro (best surprise I've ever had at a concert)
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