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In Flames
Lunar Strain
Reroute to Remain
Soundtrack to Your Escape
Come Clarity
A Sense of Purpose

The New order
The ritual
the gathering

The orgins of ruin

Amon Amarth
Versus the World
With Oden on Our Side
Twilight of the Thunder God

Billy Joel
Piano Man
Streetlife Serenade
The Stranger
52nd Street
Glass Houses
The Nylon Curtain
An Innocent Man
The Bridge
Storm Front
River of Dreams
12 Gardens Live

Dark Tranquility-Fiction

Epica-the divine conspiracy

otep-the acsension

3inches of blood-Fire up the blades

Dimmu Borgir
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Death Cult Armageddon
In Sorte Diaboli

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