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Hellyeah! I was at this last night.Kickass setlist, I was hoping they would open with Blackened and they did! There were cameras pretty much everywhere...The crowd was totally out of control and kept on moshing through most of the set.It should make a good DVD mainly due to the venue, which was and old roman arena.It was kinda like watching a gladiator fight.The stage configuration was somewhat different from the rest of their tour.The seats had a 360 view of the stage but there were only standing spots on one side so the band had their back turned to the pit a lot of the time which was weird.Anyways I don't care I was in the cheapest seated section which was supposed to have reduced visibility but that was bullshit.I could see fine, I was pretty close to the stage and I probalbly had a better view than a lot of people who'd payed full price!
Looking forward to the dvd release on october 19th
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