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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I think Angel Dust is very Bungle influenced. It's definitely an acquired taste. Jim Martin hated almost every song and only contributed on Jizzlobber as far as I know. His negativity got him canned from the band (by fax no less) but if I was on a jury I probably would have sided with Jim on this one. To me it's their worst album by a mile even though I love certain songs.

I saw them live on the Angel Dust tour and sitting through RV and Easy back to back really sucked to me. I was bored out of my skull for 10 minutes along with 95% of the crowd. We did get Crack Hitler, Jizzlobber, Everythings Ruined and Kindergarten so it ended well but they would lose the crowd every time they played RV, so why play it?

I still think King for a Day and Album of the year are their 2 best albums and musical masterpieces. If they were to play either album in it's entirety I'd go totally apeshit.

I'm listening to the 09 Download festival as I type this. Maybe the best version of Surprise, you're dead I've ever heard. They better come to the US!
I dont see how the band or anyone could hate angel dust. I think its their best one.
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