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Behemoth - Evangelion

Since this was my first "new" Behemoth record (as in anticipating a new release being a fan), I was very excited to give a listen to Evangelion. When I heard Demigod in its entirety it was like an epic mountain of glorious blast beats and such, and I fell in love with it. To quickly sum it up, it exceeded my expectations. I think this is one of their best combinations of epicness and brutality. Tracks like "Ov Fire And The Void" and "The Seed Ov I" have such an epic feel while maintaining the speed and force. I gave it my first listen in my car on a way to a party, and the opening track "Daimonos" came on, and I just stared out and was amazed. I felt like I was in a fucking warfield, it was amazing. "Daimonos" just came out so fresh and perfectly to me, it's one of my favorite tracks on the record. Not in an unoriginal way, it sort of is like a "Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth v2.0" for me . Of course the closing track "Lucifer" is so fitting and epic...I feel like I'm abusing the word epic, but that's the way to describe this album!

In terms of musicianship, Inferno sounds tight as always, blast beats all over the place and crazy double bass with insane fills, the norm for him. The riffage is brutal as always, sounded to me a little more black metal like this time around. The only notable difference I heard in this record from their previous releases (The Apostasy, Demigod) are that it sounds a pinch more black metal than death metal, but it's such an unimportant difference. It's still Behemoth, and it's fucking brutal. Highly reccomend this to the Behemoth fan, or a fan of metal in general, cause this is true shit. Definately in my top 5 for records of '09, no questions.

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