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Hostile City Deathfest -- Philadelphia, PA -- July 4th-5th, 2009

Wow, what a weekend!!! My brother and I arrived in the city of independents at 10am (an hour and 45 minutes before doors). We met up with a friend and hung out with Peter Hasslebrack (Bloodsoaked) who gave us all a free t-shirt. Very cool, down to earth dude!! So finally we got inside where I met up with my bro Tony (Vital Remains). Here is my reviews on each band (and the setlists for the ones I have)


Only saw a few songs from them but not bad...hard to describe though.

Cursed From Birth

Killer brutal death metal from Rochester, NY.

Strong Intention

Boring and terrible "tough guy" hardcore...not metal at all if you ask me!!

Torn the Fuck Apart

Grindcore garbage!! Took a smoke break outside!!

Dreaming Dead

Fantastic blackended death metal from Cali. Fronted by a very attractive young lady!! She used to play guitar in The Iron Maidens. Very talented young musicians who recently got signed to John McEntee's (Incantation) Ibex Moon label. If they hit your area, check them out!!

Fuck the Facts

SHIT! Smoke break and bought merch.


One man death metal band from North Carolina. VERY brutal stuff!! Check these guys out!!

--out of order--

Rotting in Filth
Existence Denied
My Own God
Blind Date Beating
Unborn Horror
(there may be one more)

Rumplestiltskin Grinder

Local Philadelphia thrashers. They're ok...but they made me watch their last two songs...they covered two Death songs with former Death bassist Kelly Conlon playing with them. They covered "Without Judgement" and "Crystal Mountain"


Probably one of the best bands of the weekend (and I know Kulamram will agree with me 100%)!!!! Very tight!! they sounded fucking amazing!! Original members Rob Kline (vocals) and Chris Pernia (drums) returned for the show joined by founding member Kelly Kelly McLauchlin (guitar) and Kelly Conlon handling bass duties (his 2nd of 3 times on stage that night). The only problem was they had major problems with the house drum kit they were FORCED to use!! They were supposed to play one more track but couldn't due to these problems.

(in order)
Century of Lies
Whore of the Undead
Wretched of the Earth (!!!!!!)
Unborn (Father)
Mensa Rea
Drunk With the Blood of the Saints

Jungle Rot

Killer set! They were much better than when I saw them in 2004 with Deicide and Goatwhore. Not sure what their set was though.


Goddamn amazing set from these Fort Lauderdale legends!! This also marked Kelly Conlon's third time on stage that night!! I strongly suggest seeing these guys if they come through your town!!

Vital Remains

The kings of the underground!! Amazing fucking set!!! Glen Benton came up and joined them to sing "Dechristianize". This was my tenth time seeing them, and they sounded great as always! Also marked the return of Tim "The Missle" Yeung on drums!!!!

Where is Your God Now / Icons of Evil
Devoured Elysium
Savior to None...Failure for All
Hammer Down the Nails
Let the Killing Begin / Dechristianze (featuring Glen Benton)


A normal Deicide set with less bitching from Mr Benton...he seemed pretty chill this night and played straight through their hour and ten minute set with little interuption. I think he only spoke to the crowed about three times.

That was it for day one....


Got there late, so we missed Fuckface, Comparative Anatomy, Submerged in Dirt, Polterchrist, Mortal Decay, and Echoes of Dead Gods. And only saw the last two or three minutes of Insatanity.

XXX Maniak

Quite possibly the WORST band I've ever seen live!! Horrible pornogrind. The singer wore a suit and tie, the guitarist was in a dieper and the bassist was wearing Sponge Bob boxer shorts...they both had dildos hanging off their instruments....HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE "music"!!!!!!!!!

Total Fucking Destruction

Went outside....don't like them.


A normal set from the moron Seth Putnam and crew. Will not review any further due to problems with reviewing them on here in the past.


AMAZING!!! The death metal legends return to Philly!! They also released their first album in 20 years at the show. Chris Gamble had on his executioner outfit and everything. Very great sounding and they play very well together! Great band and great friends!!!


The Master returned to the United States!!! Very excellent set (with some surprises). Paul is the fucking man! How these guys didn't get as big as Death or Possessed is beyond me!! Check them out if they hit your town!!!

Shoot to Kill
Judgement of Will
Funeral Bitch
Follow Jesus
Gold Mine
Let's Start a War
The Final Skull

Kult ov Azazel

Black fucking metal!!!! All they way from Florida they came to Satanize Philadelphia!! You could feel the presence of Father Satan in the air!! They played an entire hour of Christ-crushing old school Satanic black metal!!

Symbiomic 666 (War)
An Eternity With Satan
Storm the Gates
Mark of the Devil
Trampling the Cross
Garden of Shadows
Conquer & Decimate
Oculus Infernum
Destroying the Sacred
Rex Infernus in Excelsis
Black Arts (Beherit cover)


Holy fuck!! I still cannot believe I finally saw the mighty Absu!! This was their first time in Philly in well over 15 years or so. Proscriptor has not lost a step though, handling lead vocals and drums!! I hope to see them again very soon!!

An Involution of Thorns
Descent to Acheron (Evolving into the Progression of Woe)
Night Fire Canonization
13 Globes
Magic(k) Square Cipher
Swords and Leather
Four Crossed Wands
Twix Yesterday, the Day & the Morrow
Girra's Temple
Highland Tyrant Attack
The Coming of War (Morbid Scream cover)
Ave Azarate! 218
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