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Well they came out and soundchecked for about 10-15 minutes annoyingly (the drums sound fine, you don't need more reverb on the vocals you're just screaming anyway, I wanna hear the Angel Witch song blasting over the PA, etc), then they walked off backstage for another several minutes before the "intro tape" or whatever came on and the lights went down, only then could they make their grand entrance and start playing Iron Maiden can have an introduction, Nachtmystium? Huh? Especially compared to Pentagram who just came out and let it rip with no pretense bullshit. Not a big deal but I noticed it. They're certainly professional as fuck and can really play, I dunno if their music is really suited for the live setting though, they need more songs with variation like "Hellish Overdose" otherwise their speed is just set on either 'Blastbeat' or 'Mid-tempo'. Never caught it before in their music but actually some of the guitar melody parts reminded me of Amon Amarth the way they tremolo pick the single notes with the mid-pace beat in the back.
I think he was agreeing with you not challenging you.
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