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Pentagram -- San Francisco, CA -- July 2nd, 2009

This isn't some "Oh, well they're still around so might as well catch em while you can" reunion, this is a band in peak form. I'm talkin about Pentafuckingram of course. Bobby is the best frontman I've ever seen (Bruce Bruce...? take more drugs ), the band is in top form on all levels, go see this show and check out the new album Last Rites, coming either late this year or early next. They played 2 new songs "Takes No More" and "South of the Swamp", both DESTROY any of the new Heaven & Hell songs, this is real old school heavy metal doom rock n roll.

Got inside in time to watch the last couple Hammers Of Misfortune songs, they ended with "Trot Out The Dead." Good. Hella people in attendence, an the most fine women I've ever seen at an underground metal show by far. Discounting them I also saw Matt Pike, two dudes from Saviours, drummer for Asunder/Ghoul, drummer for Ludicra/Agalloch, drummer from Annihillation Time, and hella other Bay Area folks who frequent the good shows. Duh. It's Pentagram.

Nachtmystium were Ok, they think they're rock stars but whatever. "Hellish Overdose" was the best obviously cuz it has the best riffs, they didnt quite get right the effects on the guitars for the middle part melody on "A Seed for Suffering" but yeah they're good. Whatever. I like em better on the CD. This is what they played:

Your True Enemy
Ghosts of Grace
Life of Fire
Chosen By No One
Hellish Overdose
A Seed For Suffering

Pentagram brought the house down. Bobby Liebling was born to be on stage. The sound was great, bassist had some problems with his amp cutting out, but the guitars and drums held shit down consistently. And Bobby is just an ancient toothless maniac who you can't understand what is coming out of his mouth except when he's belting out the jams. The jams were as follows:

Wheel of Fortune
Forever My Queen
Review Your Choices
Walk In The Blue Light
Take No More
All Your Sins
Earth Flight
South of the Swamp
20 Buck Spin


Sign of the Wolf
When The Screams Come

I heard they were gonna play "Relentless" from some dude when I was waiting in line but they didn't They also dropped "Lazy Lady" which SUCKS cuz its one of my faves but whatever, the performance was excellent. "Forever My Queen", "Walk In The Blue Light", "20 Buck Spin", and "Sign of the Wolf" were fuckin heaviest "Earth Flight" was sick too. Great show
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