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Originally Posted by Queensrychian View Post
why can't great bands fill 2 hours anymore? Is it me or are we getting less for our money than we used to? Would it kill a band to give back to the fans and play 2 plus hours. It takes longer to get to a show these days than a band actually plays. I am PISSED OFF.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been noticing that with a lot of bands in rencent years. I think it's a bit lazy to headline and only do an hour or so. But a lot of time it's not the bands fault either. When you put all these bands on one bill like Ozzfest or Mayhem fest does they give the bands less time to play and I think cuz of that bands have gotten into the mentallity that giving people less than 90 minutes is a headlining set.

I remember my first metal show. Metallica and Guns N Roses with Faith No More opening. FNM got about 45 minutes, Metallica did their usual headline set of over 2 hours and GNR played for 2 and a half hours. Bands need to get back to that. Maybe the economy is not the reason for bands not selling tickets as well as they used to maybe it's cuz fans know they're not gonna get a 2 plus hour headling set like they used to and they just say fuck it.

Sorry for the rant
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