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fuck ya this show was pretty fucking awesome
and to b halperin it was cool seeing you i'll most likely see you at other shows sometime.

Blackguard was pretty great and fun. my friend and i started alot of pits for them.

I actually very much enjoyed After The Burials set despite the lameass dancers. I find this band very talent
Cursing (?)
A Steady Decline

for Decriept Birth and Origin i wasn't paying attention much cuz i was moshing to them but i remember them being alright.

Born of Osiris impressed me. i think they've gotten alot better and the new material seems to be stepping them out of the deathcore scene.

wasn't really digging Beneath the Massacre idk why.

Winds of Plague i thought were boring but their fans seemed very into it. the dancers were getting pissed because the metalheads got fed up with their dancing so they all tossed them to the side so alot of fights broke it. this happened for BTM also.

Dying Fetus tore shit up. god damn they could've easily headlined they played great and the entire floor was a mosh pit pretty much. they had the best crowd reaction by far.

Darkest Hour was the band i mainly came to see and they were fucking awesome. pits could've better at times but still had alot of fun.
Sadist Nation
Sound The Surrender
No God
Deliver Us
With A Thousand Words To Say But One

Ensiferum was great but i wasn't feeling them as much. maybe its because they were out of place and/or they didn't play the 2 songs i was dying to hear (BitPoG and Battle song). still a good set tho. nd to b halperin they also played Token of Time somewhere in there.

Suffocation tore shit up. great live band even if i'm not really into death metal.

Necrophagist played flawlessful from what I remember. Too bad I had to leave halfway through the set.

Overall a really great and brutal show. I recommend everyone should check this show out.
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