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Maybe I'm in the minority here but that setlist needs a swift kick in the ass. Rattlehead is great, everything else has been done for years. They should have left Take no prisoners in and dumped She-wolf. Added Tornado of Souls back and buried kick the chair forever. Throw us Hook in mouth, skull beneath the skin, Devil's Island, even a medley of My last words/conjuring/Black Friday would rule. Or like the 1 guy mentioned if he's "born again" play Looking down the the fukkin cross!

They released the Peace Sells songs on Rock Band and get people into those songs so why not play them live? The re-released Killing is my business so play those songs and people will buy the cd. It blows away any other cd they've made in the last 10 years.

The 1st time I saw Megadeth was on So far, So good, So what tour. 1st time I had ever seen a mosh pit and that setlist was sick! I wish I could find it now. I know they played Looking down the cross, skull beneath the skin and Mechanix off KIMB and a ton off Peace Sells.

Doro opened. Anyone remember her and her perfect fat ass stuff into leather pants singing with the hottest accent ever? nom nom nom
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