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Summer Slaughter Tour -- Hollywood, CA -- June 30th, 2009

Just got back from the show! I'm so glad I went. i met xstructuraldefect and hes a really cool person.

First band was Blackguard. They really were a great start to the show and were really great performers so I decided to buy a t-shirt which came convieniently with a free beer mug They also are very nice people I met some of them at the merch booth and they have the coolest friggin accents in the world. Unfortunately I missed them when Paganfest came around, but I'll now try and catch them anytime they come through town! If you're going to Summer Slaughter Fest, get there early cause If you don't you'll miss out on one of the real talented bands on the bill.

Blackguard gets: 9/10

Next was After the Burial. Don't get me started. Fucking Terrible

After the Burial gets: 0/10

Origin = the worst band I've ever seen

Origin gets: -91393274023498203493274023947203498/10

Born of Osiris = talented but shitty music

Born of Osiris gets: 3/10

Dying Fetus is just fucking awesome. They truly are an amazing band, and I'm proud to say that I'll be seeing them for my 3rd time in August with Hatebreed!

Dying Fetus gets: 9.5/10

Darkest Hour was a pleasent surprise! I thought they were going to be terrible but i ended up finding myself moshing Much better live than on recording

Darkest Hour gets: 8.5/10

Next, ENSIFERUM!!!!!!!!! so sick, they are such a great live band! They were just plain fucking awesome.

Setlist (From my friend who says he thinks its at least 90% accurate)
1. Hero in a Dream
2. One More Magic Portion
3. Deathbringer From the Sky
4. Into Battle
5. Iron

Ensiferum gets: 9/10

Suffocation was great. I can't say I knew any songs that they played, but they really seemed to have their shit together. The singer seems like a really down-to-earth dude and so I decided to crowdsurf since my friend did. A douchebag stole my shoe. What a fucking idiot. He threw it behind his head. I cussed him out then he said some shit back so I flipped him off and thank god a dude held on to my shoe and gave it to me. Some people are just plain fucking stupid.

Nevertheless, Suffocation gets: 8.5/10

I wish I didn't have to leave before Necrophagist, but I did, and hopefully xstructuraldefect can tell you how they were.

I really reccomend you go to this concert. There are some really talented bands on this bill!

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