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Scream The Prayer tour -- Pontiac, MI -- June 27th, 2009

For Today setlist

Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)
Joel (The Watchman)
Isaiah (The Willing)

Oh Sleeper setlist

Son of the Morning (new song)
World Without a Sun (new song)
Charlatan's Host
Building the Nations
The Finisher (new song)
Vices Like Vipers

Project 86 setlist

The Forces of Radio Have Dropped a Viper Into the Rhythm Section
The Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face
Sincerely, Ichobod
Safe Haven
Two Glass Eyes (new song)
Cold and Calculated (new song)
The Spy Hunter

Haste The Day setlist

Pressure the Hinges
Walk On
Blue 42
Mad Man
The Minor Prophets
White Collar
American Love
An Adult Tree
When Everything Falls
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