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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Probably not album of the week really... Or album of the weak? I apologize for the very bad joke.

I don't like this album very much either. They've been on a steady decline their whole career, not including the addition of Howard Jones. Their best album in my opinion was The End of Heartache. I felt like it really defined them and put their name on the map. I like about 4 songs off that album:

Rose of Sharyn
World Ablaze
The End of Heartache

Okay maybe I only really listen to about 3.

As Daylight Dies felt so much softer than I wanted Killswitch to go. At this point I felt ashamed that I was a big fan.

Eye of the Storm was the best track off that album, but the parts where Howard sang the overused metalcore choruses really made me cringe on the inside.

Now, on to their 2009 self-titled release. First off, why do they have 2, count them, TWO, albums that are "self-titled." Fucking use your last few ounces of creativity to create a better name than one that you've already used. What the fuck were they thinking?

This album progresses like most other metalcore albums. There are the great parts, and then there are the parts that make you want to be one of the people that bashes metalcore as a whole. There is some good metalcore in my opinion, but the bands that become famous are the ones that sell out. The good metalcore, you may ask? You must delve deeper into the genre to find that. Killswitch Engage did sell out after The End of Heartache. Go ahead, tell me that they were just changing their style, I can respect that, but I really don't like the direction they're going in.

Nevertheless, Adam D. is still probably the most hilarious person in metal.

I give Killswitch Engage, 4/10

The album had some gems, but undoubtedly failed as a whole.

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