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I love it!!

Never Again...9.4-Its probably the most Killswitch song on the album and its one of the heaviest and best on the album I think.

Starting Over...9.0-Its a lot like all the other type of love ballad songs KSE has released. Like, Rose of Sharyn and My Curse. Its really catchy

The Forgotten...8.8-A solid song. I like it

Reckoning...9.1-A badass motherfuckin song. Except its a little to short

The Return...7.9-Havent really given it a good listen to where I could say its good or bad.

A Light In A Darkened World...9.5-The best song on the album I think. Its a little short but I could care less its the shit i think!

Take Me Away...8.1-Again havent given it a really good listen to it but from what i heard. Its a pretty good song

I Would Do Anything...7.1-This is really the only song that I would change while listening to the CD. Its not bad. Its just not my favorite

Save Me...8.7-Very good Killswitch song. I love where its just the bass and drums.

Lost...8.4-Good slow melodic KSE song.

This Is Goodbye...9.3-Great, great, great Killswitch song. Its the prefect song for the CD to end

In other words. I LOVE the album. Theres some points on the album where I wish they could do better but its fine. Im sure the next album will be there best . I will give it an 8.7/10

In order of albums, it goes like this for me-
1. Killswitch Engage
2. As Daylight Dies
3. The End Of Heartache
4. Alive Or Just Breathing- I just dont like the mixing on this

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