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Originally Posted by Div View Post
heres an example of how ridiculous this movie is

this is soundwave, he was my favorite G1 character:

now here was a concept art floating around before the movie came out. it doesnt look exactly like him, but the basics of how he looks are pretty much the same. i thought to myself that it was pretty good compared to how some of the other transformers looked.

but turns out, this is how he looks in the movie.

...wut? that's just... huh? what is this final fantasy looking bullshit? how do you fuck something up so bad to the point where even the basic shape of the character is lost in translation? the thought of all these little kids playing with this toy and knowing him as "soundwave" is just.... fuck

Exactly, Shia and Megan could be somewhat forgivable if the actual characters looked distinguishable.
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