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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
This actually reminds me of being in Times Square at 5:45 AM the day before (or rather- of) an Edguy show - WOO CRAZY NYC NIGHTS WOOOO- and suddenly outta nowhere Dirk taps my shoulder and asks if I could point him in the direction of the Marriott. I was sad and embarrassed that I didn't know.
Which year was the Edguy show? Not that it matters, I have seen all 4 shows Edguy have played in NYC to date. I have a very strange allegiance to them as a live act. First show was in-fucking-credible, second was great, third was a bit disappointing, and the fourth they kicked everyone's ass and made Kamelot seem completely weak and uninspired. Met them all multiple times, great and really fun guys. Only band who has ever gotten me to buy the VIP tickets at BB Kings.
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