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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
BB Kings in NYC can have an atmosphere which is fantastic for some shows, but overall the sound is pretty shitty and most of the venue staff are douches. I have no real problem with the Trocadero in Philly as a venue, but again, the staff sucks. I don't know why clubs hire completely douchey body-builder rejects who just try to intimidate the audience. Most people at the average show aren't out to cause trouble, and I think if the staff would just lighten up, there would be less drama in general. When I saw Edguy in 2007, a friend of mine was thrown out for trying to protect his girlfriend from a crowd-surfer. Shit like that is ridiculous. One thing I love about big venues like PNC or the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ is that the staff are usually actually nice people. Hell, when we saw Maiden in June '08 on the rail, we talked to the staff for a good hour before the show, really friendly guys.
I agree completely with this, though some smaller venues have had really nice security at times, in general it's all douchebags. All staff that I've interacted with at larger places (PNC, Nassau Coliseum, Madison Sq. Garden, etc.) have been genuinely nice and helpful and/or trying to sell me a nine dollar hot dog for me to eat during Maiden's set. Jones Beach would be an exception to the great sound/great staff standard for larger venues - it's mediocre in both respects IMO.

Ultimately, I do prefer smaller venues like B.B.Kings and Irving Plaza because of the general trade off of sound and staff quality for intimacy with the band. Usually because in some places the sound trade-off is nonexistent or minimal or only applying to openers, and the general douchey behavior of the staff is usually ignorable unless you specifically get picked on (low odds of that). Except in Nokia, I could go on a huge rant about how many really bad things I have experienced with the staff their (not really the venues fault since I think it's indirect hiring, but still ).

This actually reminds me of being in Times Square at 5:45 AM the day before (or rather- of) an Edguy show - WOO CRAZY NYC NIGHTS WOOOO- and suddenly outta nowhere Dirk taps my shoulder and asks if I could point him in the direction of the Marriott. I was sad and embarrassed that I didn't know.
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