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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
The Warfield was pretty cool, but in a fucking terrible part of town.
The Fillmore is ok I guess, don't like the Grand Ballroom at all.
It gets worse the closer you get to the Great American.
And what's not to like about the Grand Ballroom other than parking?

As for the "yuppie places", I really like the Fillmore. There is a DJ spinning vinyl at the bar upstairs, old bills everywhere and what's not to like about getting a free one-off poster for shows you pay between $20-35 for?
After that, I'll take the GAMH, Grand Ballroom, Warfield, and Slims, which is the only one that sucks.

Unless it's an all day two-stage deal, I would rather see a fest lineup at one of the arenas than the Shoreline or Concord.

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