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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
Yeah, I believe they did.
For that environment I also enjoy Gilman.

The Warfield was pretty cool, but in a fucking terrible part of town.
The Fillmore is ok I guess, don't like the Grand Ballroom at all.
The Knitting Factory is nice, but I haven't been to many shows in SoCal so I can't really compare it.

I like the Catalyst a lot.

For big shores Shoreline.
The Warfield might as well be in Beverly Hills compared to where Burnt Ramen is Gilman is ok, I'm not the biggest fan but it does have great history and it was cool to play there.

As far as yuppie places like Slims, Fillmore, Grand Ballroom, etc the best one is by far the Great American. Never been to the Catalyst. Shoreline sucks as a venue but I have great memories of shows there, plus its better than Concord Pavilion forsure.
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