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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I'm all about the old stuff. Anytyhing off Kill em all except Seek and Destroy is music to my ears. No Remorse, Metal Militia, Jump in the Fire, Hit the lights, 4 Horsemen. They should play 3 of them and drop Seek and nothing else matters.

My WTF? is all about The Judas Kiss. BB & S is played virtually every show and it isn't half the song that Judas Kiss is. Glad to see My Apocalypse in there though.
I agree with Judas being way better than BBS. I still like BBS tho and don't they have a video for that now so it may be the new single. That'll explain why they're playing it so often. It seems they switch between doing Judas, Nightmare or Apocalypse in that spot which i'm OK with since it gets them all a chance to be played
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