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I like the way the line runs up the back of the stocking
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Ozzfest (Sabbath, Priest, Slayer, BLS)
Heart @ Reno Hilton
Robert Plant
Ozzfest (Sab, IM, BLS, Mastodon, Zombie)
BLS @ Fillmore
Ozzfest (Ozzy, SoaD, BLS, missed SYL at 10)
Unholy Alliance (Slayer, Mastodon)
Gigantour (Megadeth)
BLS @ Warfield
Heart @ Orpheum LA
Mastodon @ Warfield
Ozzfest (Oz, LoG, Nile)
SotU @ SJSU (Suicidal, Gwar, Amon Amarth)
Alice in Chains (opening for Velvet Revolver)
Machine Head @ Warfield
CKY @ Warfield (the next day)
Van Halen
Suicidal Tendencies @ NAMM afterparty
Expendables & Rebelution @ Fillmore
Meshuggah @ Fillmore (Ministry)
Gigantour @ SJSU (first time Hight on Fire)
Maiden (SBIT)
Slightly Stoopid & Expendables
Metal Masters (Priest, H&H, Motorhead)
Opeth, HoF, Baroness
Cheech & Chong (for the lulz)
High on Fire @ GAMH
Meshuggah, Cynic
BLS @ Fillmore
LoG, Suicidal, Municipal @ SJSU
Mastodon & Kylesa @ GAMH

plus 2 upcoming
Just what I have in tickets, not including anything local.
I'm lucky to have a steady diet of about 1 show per month going on for the past 2+ years.

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