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Originally Posted by bunghole View Post
suffocation played Liege of Inveracity in San Antonio instead of Catatonia

and Mike Smith pretty much thinks the same of the deathcore menace from what I gathered

also, Java Jazz can eat shit. I missed the first few suffo songs because they told me suffo weren't going on until ten, so I got there at about 9-930 and had missed half the set

also, and this is for any venue that practices it, no re-entry policies are also lame. Its because of that I didn't see the other 3 bands you posted, cause I didn't want to sit around waiting for all the shitcore bands to finish
Well if you were over 21 you could leave Java Jazz and come back in, had to stamp your hand of course. I braved through it to meet some of the guys from Suffocation and Blackguard in doing so at least.
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