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Summer Slaughter -- Houston, TX -- June 19th, 2009

I'll get the setlist over with first for the ones that matter

Foul Body Autopsy
Stillborn One
Intestinal Incubation
Only Ash Remains
Diminsied To B
Dawn And Demise (new song)
Ignominious And Pale
Fermented Offal Discharge

Habitual Infamy
Dismal Dream
Jesus Wept
Blood Oath
Infecting The Crypts
Come Hell Or High Priest
Cataclysmic Purification
Effigy Of The Forgotten

Dying Fetus:
Homicidal Retribution
Your Treachery Will Die With You
Grotesque Impalement
Raped On The Altar
Sheppard's Commandment
Praise The Lord

Origin: (wasn't too familiar with their songs but of the 7 songs they played I know they did)
The Aftermath

Scarlet To Snow
The Sword
This Round's On Me

Some friends of mine actually started moshing with all those scene kids who were fighting their ninjas and such during After the Burial and one of them almost got kicked out for doing it. Another friend later on got into a fight with one of those kids and got his eye busted up actually. It broke out when I was talking to Derek from Suffocation and both my friend and the hardcore guy were both ejected/escorted outside. Was kinda a fucked up thing to see when not 20 mins ago my friends and I joked about "someone's gonna get killed here tonight! haha"

Sound system at the newly relocated Java Jazz fucking suuuuuuuuucks a dick for the bands on stage. Kept hearing complaints and you couldn't hear Blackguard's keyboard at all. Hung out with them after their set, awesome bunch of guys, got my cds signed by all of them, they said they'll be back around January with Epica in the states again hopefully. I liked their plastic mugs they have on sale too.

I heard Origin's "Antithesis" and liked it before going to the show. They were pretty good but I just couldn't get into them that greatly. All the metal heads were up front for that, after that they all left to the back before Born of Osiris came on. That was pretty funny, I'd see them again though in the future.

Dying Fetus were...well Dying Fetus, there's not much to say about that. I talked to Trey (drummer) afterward and got a good aspect of what he thinks of deathcore, saying stuff like "Well it's good that these guys have their own fans, I mean when we go up if we get a headbang, moshpit, clapping, kids fighting off invisible ninjas, we're having a good time and that's what we want" (not a direct quote obviously but pretty close) So are deathcore fans really a plague on metal? I say fuck 'em, don't pay attention to them, they're in their own world of metal and we have ours.

Suffocation fucking tore shit up as usual. I always get a headache when I see them live but I think that just adds to the show lol. I was able to get everyone's autographs as well as "Blood Oath" which they're selling on the tour early.

Necrophagist, no "Extreme Unction" sadly, don't know why though, probably a "time" issue or something. Anyways, holy fuck were they amazing live. Fucking great, I talked to Stephan (bassist) afterward and he said that they're coming again next summer to promote the new album. Then I met fucking Muhammed himself and had a great conversation with him about music theory, his musical background (he doesn't listen to music often actually and his main inspiration is Johann Sebastian Bach), talked about playing a 7-string guitar this upcoming album (joked about doing an 8-string the next one or at least a 9-string bass) and said that the new album will be a concept album and that the new song they're premiering with is only just a small taste of what's to come. I asked why they never played "Mutilate The Stillborn" and if it was hard to pull of live, Muhammed just said "No, that one's actually easy to play live" haha, also he said he doesn't like playing "To Breathe In A Casket" live.

Overall a fucking awesome night that I'll never forget.
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