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Scorpions -- Universal City, CA -- June 19th, 1996

01. Under My Wheels
02. Billion Dollar Babies
03. I'm Eighteen
04. Desperado
05. No More Mr Nice Guy
06. Poison
07. Welcome To My Nightmare
08. Lost In America (with Slash)
09. Only Women Bleed (with Slash)
10. Feed My Frankenstein
11. Gutter Cats vs The Jets/Street FIght
12. Ballad Of Dwight Frye
13. School's Out
14. Elected

SCORPIONS 85 mins.
01. Tease Me Please Me
02. Bad Boys Running WIld
03. Girl I Wanna Be With You
04. Loving You Sunday Morning
05. Big City Nights
06. Coast To Coast
07. Holiday
08. Wind Of Change
09. The Zoo
10. Alien Nation
11. Stone In My Shoe
12. Hit Between The Eyes
13. Breakout
14. Still Loving You
15. Wild Child
16. Rock You Like A Hurricane

I mainly went because it was Alice Cooper's first area appearance in nearly 5 years, but of course I would stay for the Scorpions. This tour mostly played to partially filled sheds but the LA date was at the 6,000 seat Universal Amphitheatre. Show up ticketless, it's totally sold out and there were a lot of people looking. This was when the main box office and entrance was over by the movie theatre. Discretely inquired about tickets with people standing around alone. One guy said he has a pit wristband but only wants $20 for a T shirt. I take out my wallet and he says "not here." I follow him thru a side entrance into the movie theatre and into a projection room and we make the deal there.

Alice was good, Scorpions were kinda good but it was obvious they were now just a nostalgia act. The new material they played was gawdawful.

I forget who opened, they sucked.
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