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Originally Posted by Sanatarium78 View Post
I haven't seen them since 2004 so maybe they've changed it since then but it deffinately wasn't like that the 5 times i've seen them live. There isn't a song out there like the live version of Fear Of The Dark. It's the best sing along song i've ever heard live. It's one thing to let the crowd sing the lyrics but it's another when they sing along with the riffs in the song to. Nothing beats that.

If they put Fade to Black in it's spot the crowd couldn't take over the vocals for that as well? I honestly would have no problem with Nothing Else Matters if some regular rock band did it but it's Metallica and i don't wanna hear love songs from them.
Very well said
FOTD owns NEM any day. And yea I never heard too many people sing NEM in any of the shows in which I saw that song.
But everyone sings FOTD
Dude even Metallica tribute bands have ditched that song (you could look at any of Damage Inc's setlists). Its high time Metallica did it too!
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