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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
why would testament lose two songs and not unearth
It was weird. The show started 15 min earlier than I was told by the promoter. Lazarus played 1 song more than I had seen listed on here, Unearth played 2 more shitty new songs and Testament played 2 less.

The show ended right at 11:pm so I thought they might be on a time schedule or something but all 3 bands hung out with the crowd afterwards and my buddy who is in the band Visionary said he torked on the bus with Lazarus and Greg Christian for at least an hour afterwards.

I had to work early the next day so we left as soon as Formation ended and stopped at a strip club for a beer and I was home by 12:30. If I knew they were going to hang and party I would have stayed obviously.

I was an Unearth fan until that show. I think Giles, Endless and Black Hearts are all great songs. They didn't play Giles and played virtually all of the new shitty cd which had people going for drinks and pizza rather than jamming out. The lost many fans or potential fans with that shitty setlist. FAIL!
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