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OK, my apologies it's not the whole band but still pretty humorous. I could see Puffy having a bitch of a time trying to play in a tux. If you go to pretty much any torrent website you can find it and I would suggest to go now while people are still seeding in large numbers. It's all a personal preference but the the one's I'm partial to are going to either Mininova or The Pirate Bay and just type in Faith No More and you will find it. All of them are taken from the webcast but it's still above average quality. I never would have figured a song from Peaches & Herb would be stuck in my head all day but it was. Patton is just crazy ridicuolus being able to pull of a soul / R&B song... even though I know he has done other odd songs. Definitley a song you don't have to take to seriously, just alot of fun IMO.
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