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A Band of Orcs -- Santa Cruz, CA -- June 13th, 2009

This was a small show, only about 50 people showed up. I was surprised because the Orcs were headlining over Exmortus, who had been headliner on all the other dates, but Band of Orcs are from Santa Cruz so I guess it makes sense. Like I said, it wasn't very good turn out, but the venue was pretty nice (although it had about a 4 1/2 foot high stage which wasn't cool). I usually don't care what music is played over the PA, but from 7:00-12:30 (and the bands didn't take stage until 8 ish) every break had a playlist of Splatterthrash, Mutant Mutilator, Speak English or Die, Raping the System, 2-3 DRI songs, and Toxic Waltz. I must have heard Toxic Waltz 5 times, which was 4 times to many for one night.
Fiends at Feast was the first band up. They were a local blackened death metal band, they were pretty good.
Blasphemous Creation was next. They were one of my favorite bands of the night. It was thrashy melodic black metal, it sounded great, and I have no idea how after apparently being around for a few years now they are still releasing demos. I got their setlist, which was:
Lake of Fire
Ripped in Half
Blasphemous Creation
Certain Death
Of Fire (Dismember Cover [at least I think that was the band they said])
Shadows of Evil
and one other song which was an encore, so I don't know which one it was.
Savage Machine was next, they were a Mexican (except for having a white bass player) metal band, although I really don't know what type of music I'd call them. It was fast and it had a lot of energy, but it really doesn't fit into any pre specified genre (at least live it didnt). The singer was dressed as a luchador wrestler and was flailing about the whole time. At one point the bass player walked into the crowd and they did a mariachi style mexican song and had a huge circle "pit" going around him. They were very fun.
Exmortus after that. They were a very good band. I have never heard an Exmortus record, so I can't really tell you any songs that they played. They seemed like very nice people, but my only complaint would be that on stage you could tell they really thought they were "the shit". Every goddamn solo they would be leaning into the crowd for the whole solo-fingers thing, they had the whole persona of rock star types and at one point they played each others guitars back to back. Now, there is chance that it was all just them having fun, but it felt like them thinking they were reallly cool, sometimes it surpassed Dragonforce levels.
Finally the headliner, Band of Orcs came one. Everyone in the crowd was definitely there for Band of Orcs. Some people ever had fake weapons, which in any other venue would have been confiscated in minutes. They really put on a great show. At one point the singer poured blood into the crowd, which I drank a lot of and ruined my shirt with (they haven't got the GWAR blood down, so its just delicious corn syrup that gets super sticky after 2 minutes)
After words I shook their hand and briefly chatted with a few of them, very cool, and got the bass player to sign a setlist I got from them when they were opening for 3IOB.
From what I can remember the set was:
Hall of the Frozen Dead
Warchiefs of the Apocalypse
I, Gogog
Bring Out Your Dead
Disassembly Line
Procreation of the Wicked
Into the Maelstrom
Pursuit of Vikings (Amon Amarth Cover)
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