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Originally Posted by Sanatarium78 View Post
I think they will tour America but i'm not sure how extensive it'll be. The only thing the radio plays from them is Epic so it's not like audiences here will really remember them which is sad. I used to love them but even I forgot about them and they feel out of my rotation a long time ago until i heard disturbed do a cover of Midlife Crisis last summer and it reignited my intrest in them. I had to go get their first 4 albums on CD becuase all I had were the cassettes.

If i can forget about them then it's gonna be had for them to come back to the States and win back the old audience and gain a new one.
That is probably a pretty accurate statement. I can see them only really playing the big markets (NY, LA, CHI...etc) which is unfortunate for me but maybe someday I might get lucky enough to hear them. I really wasn't the biggest fan up until a few years ago when I heard Ill Nino do Zombie Eaters and I started listening to their other stuff.

I would suggest to anyone to download their Download performance. I haven't got to see all of the performance but to hear them do "Reunited" from Peaches & Herb and everyone in the band is dressed up like they are going to prom or something. Funny stuff.
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