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Originally Posted by megadeth87 View Post
I've got another one.. for the 2nd time.. I made a it on my computer from a live record called "entertainment or death".. I want to share it because it sounds f**king great..


Looks That kill
Knock'em dead, kid
Too Young To fall in Love
Live Wire
Don't go away mad (just go away)
Wild Side
Girls Girls Girls
Primal Scream
Same Old Situation
Home Sweet Home
Public Ennemy n1
Shout At The Devil
Merry Go Round
Ten Seconds To Love
Dr Feelgood
Starry Eyes
Helter Skelter


Smoking In The Boys Room
Piece Of Your Action
Without You
Kickstart My Heart
So this is just "Live Entertainment or Death" with a different tracklisting?
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