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Originally Posted by EchoesOfDecimation View Post
Awesome to see what at least to me are some surprises like Land Of Sunshine, Cuckoo For Caca and Easy. I don't know If I'm being greedy but I think they should have thrown in Get Out, Ricochet, Zombie Eaters and maybe Ashes To Ashes.
Couldn't agree more. I just listened to Angel Dust and I didn't get it at all back then and I barely get it now. RV is probably my least favorite FNM song. It's a song they play virtually every show and is like a joke I don't get. Malpractice is similar but not as bad. I like other songs on that cd but don't get why those were always live staples. I'd take Crack Hitler over those 2 any day.

On the other hand I like ever song on King for a Day and Album of the Year. Ugly in the Morning is one of my favorite songs and Ashes to Ashes would have been HUGE had it been on Angel Dust.

I'm wondering is the band had listened to Jim Martin how different things would have turned out. He told them Angel Dust was too "out there" and he was probably right. I didn't know Jizzlobber was the only song he contributed on but it makes sense now since it's so riff heavy.

I'm listening to King for a Day now and it's better now than it was then. Probably one of the 20 best albums of all time.
3/3 - Hell Yeah
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