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Originally Posted by HugeRockStar View Post
Dont get me wrong, their '90's stuff is great too and I also love Nine Lives I think it's very underrated. But I've seen Aerosmith live every time they've come through here since the Get a Grip tour and I've heard enough of Dude, Crying, Janie, Living, etc. I've also heard enough of Walk and Sweet E. I'd rather they play their older classics like the Toys album then the '90's hits again. But my luck, they're not coming here now and next time they come it'll probably be another setlist of Big Ones lol.
Sad how that works though... A band like Aerosmith will always have to put on "The Same Old Song and Dance" (sorry, couldn't stop myself ) because there is a big resurgence of young fans, and those young fans want those songs to be played, and lets face it... Kids + Parents =
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