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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I've been wearing them to ever show since 2006. I was doing five gigs in six days and I remember being front-row for Skid Row one night, and my ears still ringing the next night at Opeth, with Cathedral up the day after so figured I had to do something about it.

What I found, if you get semi-decent ones (I use Doc's Proplugs), is they don't just block out sound (like those really basic bright yellow ones used in factories etc.). They make everything much clearer. The ones I have only cut out the damaging frequencies, as well as a large chunk of the raw volume, making everything clearer, but still allowing you to have a conversation with someone during the band. It makes shows better. Every time.

Mine cost about 15. Looks like for you guys they're even cheaper:

Get the vented ones.
How are they in terms of fitting? Do they come off? Because I wouldn't wanna spend $12.95 on a single pair and then lose them at the first show I wear them to. I have this problem at every show. I head bang a lot so the foam earplugs (yea those bright yellow ones) keep coming out of my ears and I have to scramble for them.
And I'm in the same boat as you .. I'm doing 6(may be 7) shows from June 9th to June 14th.
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