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I try not to bag on bands but I'll say this. Styx are skillful players and have some great melodic songs. Mr Roboto isn't one of them. 38 Special has 3 good songs and have toured for 20+ years on those 3 songs alone. Gotta give them credit for pulling that shit off. REO Fagwagon is the worst band next to Dave Matthews that I've ever seen listed on here. They blow goats and have the worst singer in the history of rock music in my not so humble opinion.

When I went to Wasp, Metallica and Armored Saint in 1984 at a place called Coast to Coast I remembered going into school the next day rocking my Ride the Lightning T-shirt and seeing all the douche bag poser kids wearing REO t-shirts from the concert their moms took them too. They became REO Fagwagon that day and nothing has changed since then. A band with 3 decent songs in 30 years and a hermaphrodite singer does not belong on here.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. hahahaha
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