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ThundHerStruck -- Tarzana, CA -- June 6th, 2009

What a killer show!!

I didn't get there in time to catch the first band Thirteenth Hour. So no idea of their set.

Next band was Maiden-LA who played from 9 to around 9.50. This was their set. I really enjoyed it, specially Killers as I had never seen that song live before.

1. Churchill Speech/Aces High
2. Two Minutes To Midnight
3. Killers
4. Flight Of Icarus
5. The Trooper
6. The Number Of The Beast
7. Fear Of The Dark

Next to hit the stage were Just Like Priest. They threw in some rare gems this time

1. Nightcrawler
2. Riding On The Wind
3. Bloodstone
4. Desert Plains
5. Ripper
6. Breaking The Law
7. Grinder
8. Freewheel Burning
9. Hell Bent For Leather
10.The Green Manalishi

The next band were ThundHerStruck, an all-female tribute to AC/DC. They played only Bon Scott era songs which was a pleasant surprise. Their performance was great

1. Shoot to Thrill
2. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
3. Live Wire
4. Jailbreak
5. Sin City
7. Highway To Hell
8. Let Me Put My Love Into You
9. TNT

I left after the song TNT as it was 10 minutes past midnight and I had to catch a bus back home. I'm not sure if they played any more songs after this. I'll try to get the full setlist.

After this Diary of Ozz closed the night but I wasn't there to see them so no idea of the setlist.

All in all an awesome day of metal tributes. Met and talked to the guys from Damage Inc. as well who were at the Paladino's because Chris's wife plays guitar for THS and they are also very good friends with the guys from JLP.
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