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Stemm -- Maplewood, MN -- June 5th, 2009

Stemm? who is Stemm you might be honest i had never heard of them before tonight, i only went to this show to watch my friends band open up. but they turned out to be pretty cool! The band has the intro track on both the UFC video game and the TV show, so if you have watched UFC at all in the last year or so chances are you have heard there song "Face The Pain"

There setlist was right in front of me so i wrote it down quick when no one was looking.


1) Blood Soaked
2) Devil Walks
3) As Real As It Gets
4) Wish
5) Breathe The Skin
6) Awake
7) Memory
8) Face The Pain
9) House Of Cards
10) Monsters
11) Casualty For Prayer

Memory was easily my favorite song of the night..check it out if you read this post
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