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I was actually planning on eventually reviewing this myself, but oh well, you snooze, you lose.
Overall, I think this album is quite good, at least for newer Dream Theater. It's still a joke compared to some of their older stuff, but leaps and bounds in front of Systematic Chaos and Train of Thought for sure. The songs here are long, but not all of them are the pompous, pointless, overblown bore-fest that most of their new longer songs are. In fact "The Count of Tuscany" is my favorite song on the disc. The first 4 and last 5 minutes of that song are in my opinion easily some of the best stuff the band has done over the last 4 or so albums. The two shorter tracks are good, as I expected them to be, and I quite enjoyed The Best of Times. My only complaints come from the other two:
I think The Shattered Fortress is overall just not very good. The references to The Root of All Evil and The Glass Prison are great, and the song has a few cool moments, but in general, it's just kind of forgettable and Train-of-Thought-esque. My other gripe is regarding A Nightmare to Remember. The first 4 minutes are alright, but then the middle section ("in peaceful sedation I lay half-awake", that part) is absolutely fucking excellent for about 3-4 minutes, before launching head-long into 7 minutes of pointless wanking with next-to-no substance. Not to mention the Portnoy vocal bit as an absolute WTF.
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