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Mayhem -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 2nd, 2009

Finally got the energy to write this.

First band sucked, Withered or some crap like that, pure garbage, pure feedback, absolutely no musical skill. Just noise, and their bassist had his bass so loud, I thought my colon was going to explode. No joke.

Cattle Decapitation delivered some amazing fucking music. Gave myself whiplash rockin out to them Great band, check them out. Didn't get their set.

I didn't watch Cephalic Carnage. I had no interest in them.


They started off with an epic little intro, then the curtain opened and they started the show off with Pagan Fears. Atilla is an amazing vocalist. I swear, he's half demon or something. That voice should not come out of a human.
The whole show was, well...Pure mayhem. No other way of putting it. Necrobutcher was just completely insane, he's an amazing bassist, and is one of the few who actually know proper bass distortion. Hellhammer, as we all know is an amazing drummer, but people usually only know that name from Dimmu Borgir. Well, I gotta tell you, if any hot topic kiddies want to hear some real drumming out of the almighty HellHammer, see a fucking Mayhem show. He was amazing. I cannot possibly fathom how hard it is to play his style.

I don't remember the full setlist for Mayhem, so if anyone knows, tell me!
I'm posting all that I remember, and its not in order. Some asshole snagged a setlist before I had a chance to

Pagan Fears, You must fall, View from nihil, Anti, Deathcrush, De Mysteriis dom Sathanas, Silvester Anfang, Pure Fucking Armageddon, From the dark past, Freezing moon, Funeral Fog, Chainsaw Gutsfuck.

The show was amazing, and their stage show, for lack of a better word, is absolutely horrifying. You mix the props they have on the stage with Atilla's vocals, and well.....Its pretty fucking grim.
I highly recommend seeing them if you haven't already, they put on a great show.
Hail Satan!
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