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Isis -- New York, NY -- June 2nd, 2009

I may be a little off in the order, but I'm 85% sure this is right.

1. Hall Of The Dead
2. 20 Minutes/40 Years
3. Dulcinea
4. Threshold of Transformation
5. Ghost Key
6. In Fiction
7. Hand of the Host
8. Carry

9. Celestial

Very good performance, though to be honest they could have dropped one of the Wavering Radiant songs, as I felt the emphasis on that album was a little bit too high. And they should have played False Light 'cause I just really wanna hear that song live. Very simplistic show too, no banners or lights really, just music.

Pelican were really great as well, and I have what I think is their setlist here. I would love to see these guys play a headlining show.

1. Bliss In Concrete
2. Embedding The Moss
3. Ephemeral
4. (something... it may have been Australasia)
5. Geometry of Murder (Earth Cover)
6. The Woods

Not familiar enough with Tombs to get their setlist, but they were pretty good as well.
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