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Testament -- Atlanta, GA -- May 30th, 2009

Amazing show last night. Testament hasn't lost a step after 20+ years. Well, Chuck Billy has lost a lot of his range, and relies more on his harsh vocals, but I don't mind.

01. For The Glory Of ... (intro)
02. The Preacher
03. Practice What You Preach
04. The New Order
05. Over The Wall
06. Sins Of Omission
07. More Than Meets The Eye
08. The Persecuted Won't Forget
09. Burnt Offerings
10. The Haunting
11. The Legacy
12. Into The Pit
13. Souls Of Black
14. Electric Crown
15. Alone in the Dark
16. Disciples Of The Watch
17. D.N.R.
18. Three Days in Darkness
19. The Formation Of Damnation

edit: I was wrong about "True Believer" like I thought I might be. It was in fact "The Persecuted Won't Forget." And I switched the order of 2 songs. Everything is perfect now.
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