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Korn -- Hammond, IN -- May 27th, 2009

KORN Hammond IN, May 27 2009

What a motherfuckin' amazin show. I must say that this by far, at least top 5 in my vast list of concerts (That is about 60) and for sure one of the three (out of ten) best concerts of KORN I've ever seen.

The excelent set of old songs and energetic awsome performance of the whole band (especially Jonathan Davis and Ray Luzuier) gave the whole audience what most people never expect, that feeling of that amazing, and original band they are.

So here it is:

1.Right Now
3.Good God
4.Did my time
6.Falling Away from me
7.Ball tongue/Lodi Dodi
8. Clown
9.(Intro Bagpipes) Helmet in the bush
12.Divine :
13.Y'll want a single
14. Coming undone/We will rock you
15. Somebody someone :blaze
16.Freak on a leash
18.Here to stay
19.Got the life

For anyone who thinks this is bullshit go and see it for yourself.
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