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Originally Posted by bunghole View Post
[Re: The New Pestilence CD]

I haven't heard the new songs, but I've heard that they aren't very good.
Well I expected this to be true, but have you actually heard the new album? Personally, I think it fucking rocks.

Granted, it's not really like their old stuff. I totally lived and died by "Consuming Impulse" back in the day, and their other stuff was pretty OK, too. "Spheres" was an anomaly - most people weren't ready for it (I personally never got into it, but then I love Cynic - so go figure).

But this new one - if you take it in the context of a new album with a new sound, by some of the old guys but with a whole different mission in mind - is really pretty good. I expected it to be meh at best, and I was pleasantly surprised. You should really check it out - you might be surprised.

Of course, that just my
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