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Originally Posted by JoshuaB81285 View Post

Billy Talent was next up on the 2nd stage, and they were on of the bands I had been wanting to see the most. The singer, being Canadian, has a thick accent, and it was humorous to hear him talk. Either way, they put on a good show, and it's a shame not more people know/listen to these guys.

Devil In A Midnight Mass
Try Honesty
Rusted From The Rain
This Suffering
Devil On My Shoulder
Fallen Leaves
Red Flag

I wonder how many people have never heard of these guys then hear Red Flag and it hits them... BURNOUT! These guys are huge overseas from what I hear.

I know every word to Red Flag since I was a BURNOUT! addict for a few years. It's funny how video game soundtracks are so much better and influential now.
3/3 - Hell Yeah
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