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Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught

Hello out there! Was listening to a track by these guys and I saw that there was no previous review here, so I decided to make one. I put up a Warbringer one recently, and this really is about the same . The quickest conclusion is that its more new-wave thrash, not the most original things in the world in terms of musicality, but it sounds awesome. These guys have more of a modern sound than most of the new-wave though, and I think that sets them apart from the rest for me. The single "Thou Shall Not Fear" is an awesome track that really got me as soon as I heard it, and the record really is well represented by this track. The opener Last Breath is brutally fast and heavy, and it also sets a great swing for the record. "The Onslaught" continues to pummel, barely slowing down (cept for the breakdowns). Which brings me to my extremely minor complaint, the breakdowns are sometimes repetitive and are lacking in what qualifies for me to be "breakdown worthy". It really is no big deal though, for they are not core bands who do it every song every minute, as I said, minor. Favorites of mine include "Thou Shall Not Fear", "Last Breath", "Lust", and "Who I Really Am". For fans of thrash (old and new), these guys are reccomended.

As a side note, these guys kick serious ass live and put on great energy, have badass stage prescense, and are great people (met em' all after the NJ Testament show).

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