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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
I have nothing to comment about this thread, other than when i saw Carnivore in 2006, someone yelled out for "Jesus Hitler"....about two songs after they did it. Awesome.
That's one of the funniest things I've ever read. I actually burst into laughter. Thanks Bro.

The fact Peter Steele brought Carnivore back for the hardcore fans is one of the coolest stories in metal history. Funny Peter Steele story. We went outside to get torked before the very 1st Carnivore Reunion tour at this place Nick's in Virginia. We walk in and he was just standing in the crowd watching the opening act with no one around him. I go up to him and shake his hand, thank him for bringing back Carnivore for the diehard fans (Type O was getting huge) and want to ask him so many things. I asked him if they're going to play God is Dead and he said "of course" and at that point I was at the pinnacle of happiness in my life I think. I'm talking to one of the coolest MF'ers on the planet and the only thing that would have made it better was if El Duce & The Mentors were there.

So i'm trying to think of anything to say other than "are you going to play..." and I fukkin freeze up. I'm looking right at this dude an drawing a blank. I try to include my buddy in the conversation and the only thought that goes through my head is Springer. I said "Man, we just saw you on Springer yesterday" and he gasped, gave me a thumbs down raspberry and walked off. He just turned and walked off. We burst into laughter after a few minutes but I was traumatized basically thanks to Jerry Springer.

I met him again last year and wanted to bring that up but couldn't do it. He was being so cool and I didn't want him to just walk off again. hahaha
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